Dieselpunk Encyclopedia

“One of the most beloved artists in the world of dieselpunk” – wrote Tome Wilson about a Russian guy who calls himself 600v on DeviantArt or ixlrlxi in his LiveJournal. We can add that he was also one of the first artists to tag his works as ‘Dieselpunk’.
A short excerpt from his interview published on Dieselpunks.org (2009): “I love the solid feel, reliability and natural sleekness of cars and devices from the 50s. Obviously nobody tried to save on rough stuff, and the beauty of the object was much more important over its functionality. Today’s things are functional, but they suffer from dystrophy, economy standards and overall design simplicity killed the beauty. “
And a few lines (from the same interview) about 600v’s creative process: “Speaking of 3D, first I build the image in my mind. I put the earphones on, close my eyes and imagine the basics…

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