“The Supra technology showcase”

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Derived in its styling from the Celica, the Supra has been Toyota’s technology showcase development from 1978 to 2002. From 1986 the new third generation Supra distinguished itself from the Celica range by being wider and longer. From the MKI to the third generation model was assembled in Tahara plant. The models derived from the Celica range inherit a badge which did represent a dragon. This badge discontinued when in 1991 the new models weren’t based on Celica’s anymore. The MKI, codenamed “A40”, manufactured from 1978 to 1981 from Celica three door lift back versions. The car also shared doors, rear section, from the same vehicle but did have a six cylinder instead of a four one. The aim was to compete within the sports car market against the Datsun Z. The first edition was…

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