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12:53 08.06.2016(updated 12:54 08.06.2016)

The Russian Aerospace Forces and the Naval Aviation have received more than 60 Su-30SM multirole fighters, production director of Russia’s Irkut Corporation Sergei Yamanov said Wednesday.

IRKUTSK (Sputnik) —The Su-30SM are produced by Irkutsk’s aircraft manufacturer under the contact with the Russian Defense Ministry. The Su-30SM has been supplied to the Aerospace Forces since 2012, to the Naval Aviation since 2014.

The Su-30SM is a 4++ generation fighter jet, developed by Russia’s Sukhoi Aviation Holding Company.

“Currently, Irkutsk’s aircraft manufacturer [Irkut Corporation] constructed and supplied to the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Naval Aviation of the Russian Navy 61 Su-30SM fighters,” Yamanov told RIA Novosti.

It is a two-seat derivative of the earlier Su-27UB (NATO reporting name: Flanker) capable of air-to-air and air-to-ground missions with a wide variety of precision-guided munitions. The aircraft features thrust-vectoring engines to enhance maneuverability.

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