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Steam Locomotives of a More Leisurely Era

1910 – 4-6-2T

London Brighton & South Coast Railway

32325 as running in 1947Two very fine express tank engines designed by D.E.Marsh and built in 1910 and 1912. They were Nos. 325 ‘Abergavenny’ and 326 ‘Bessborough’. The second engine differed slightly from the first in being fitted with Walschaert’s valve gear. They had superheaters from the start. They did splendid work on the London and Brighton expresses until the electrification of 1932, after which they had to be relegated to less spectacular duties. They eventually found a home at Tunbridge Wells and finished their days on stopping trains to London via the Oxted line.

Both lost their names in Southern days, when they became SR Nos. 2325 and 2326. They survived to become BR Nos. 32325 and 32326, but both were withdrawn in 1951.

Driving wheels – 6’ 7½”, Cylinders – 21”x 26”, Pressure – 170 lb…

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