HTML5 Apps

Earlier this year, members of the Cordova and W3C teams started a process to better align W3C and Codova specifications.

Indeed, Cordova (from which the Phonegap framework derives) is one of the major projects used to build hybrid applications — applications written in HTML/JavaScript but run as native apps.

Hybrid applications benefit from the widespread knowledge of Web technologies, their cross-platform availabilities, while allowing developers to get inserted in the native ecosystems (including their application stores).

As a bridge between the native and the Web worlds, they are an important component in our overgoal of making it easier for developers to embrace the Web as platform on mobile.

Unfortunately, while in many areas Cordova re-use Web technologies as-is, for a number of historical reasons, device APIs as made available in the Cordova framework have not matched the ones used in Web browsers, as illustrated in the mobile Web API fragmentation…

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