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We are getting ready for the W3C workshop on Web Payments that will take place next week in Paris.
This event is already a success. We had far more applicants than the room can handle, and the seats were assigned in a couple of weeks. In the same way, we received a record number of papers, but had to select only a few to ensure that a big place is reserved for discussions.
Finally the biggest success is the attendance. To have a chance to make progress in this area, and to have future standards adopted, it is essential to bring around the table all the actors of the ecosystem. In the e-payments area the ecosystem is complex:

  • Payment System Providers/Payment Industry: Organizations managing payments
    • Bank
    • Payment Standardization Bodies
    • Online & mobile payment systems providers
    • Payments Terminal and related technologies providers
    • Virtual Currencies (aka cryptocurrencies)
  • Users: e.g. browser…

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