HTML5 Apps

As part of  the HTML5Apps project work, the team is trying to gain a more detailed understanding of the barriers that developers from European SMEs encounter, and what the subsequent reasons make them avoid or prevent them from developing mobile apps using Web technologies.

In addition to participating at developer events and interacting via social media, we are also conducting a few one-to-one interviews with developers with the goal to dive in more details in some of these barriers.

The first of these interviews was conducted in June 2015, with Fabrice Castellon and Alain Prette, the co-founders and leaders of Beepeers, an SME based in the South of France, specialized in the development and publishing of social applications.

Hello guys, can you tell us more about your company and its business at a high level?
Beepeers was founded 3 years ago in Sophia-Antipolis in France. We provide a platform…

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