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The WooCommerce 3.0.2 fix release is now available. You can download it from or as an automatic update in your administration panel.

This release fixes several issues we’ve had reported and found ourselves whilst monitoring the support forums. The full changelog is below.

= 3.0.2 - 2017-04-12 =
* Fix - Removed required states for GP, GF, KW, LB, MQ, RE and YT countries.
* Fix - Made cache in the [products] shortcode respect filters from plugins.
* Fix - Added missing
woocommerce_cross_sells_columns filter.
* Fix - Fixed shortcode rendering on the shop page.
* Fix - Fixed incorrect sale dates when bulk editing variations.
* Fix - Fixed calls to wc_reduce_stock_levels in PayPal and Simplify gateways.
* Fix - Exclude "location" meta when reading customer meta data.
* Fix - Updated emails/email-addresses.php, emails/email-order-details.php, content-single-product.php, checkout/form-shipping.php, myaccount/form-add-payment-method.php, myaccount/form-edit-address.php, myaccount/form-lost-password.php, myaccount/form-reset-password.php, myaccount/orders.php

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