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Update: Check out this dedicated site for P2.

Today we’re extra-pleased to introduce you to a new theme that reinvents what it means to group blog on

We call it P2 (in the style of K2, the update on the classic Kubrick theme), and it’s an extensive revamp of Prologue, the brainchild of last year’s winter retreat.

Prologue broke ground when it brought microblogging to Now it’s cooler, faster, sleeker, and ready for 2009 and beyond:


Live notifications, comments on the homepage, and in-line editing are just part of what makes P2 revolutionary. With these features, you never have to refresh, and rarely need to visit the dashboard. Everything you need to communicate with other users on your blog (and your readers, too), is right there on the front page. We like to think of it as a really cool version of Twitter for…

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