Hardware Startup

After playing with Arduino for a while, I wanted to connect one to the Internet for a little project. Now you can buy shields for that, but they are quite expensive (like 40$). So I decide to look for alternatives and after a while I found 10$ ENC28J60 Ethernet modules on eBay. While they are not as full fetched as the official (Wiznet based) shield, they are certainly a lot cheaper.


As it turns out, it is quite easy to connect any (3.3 or 5V) Arduino to one of those modules with just six wires:

  • ENC SO -> Arduino pin 12
  • ENC SI -> Arduino pin 11
  • ENC SCK -> Arduino pin 13
  • ENC CS -> Arduino pin 8
  • ENC VCC -> Arduino 3V3 pin
  • ENC GND -> Arduino Gnd pin

Arduino + ENC28J60 module

After you have done this (see my example) and re-checked all wires again. You can use either the…

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