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A short while ago, I wrote a blog post about running an Arduino on batteries. That post was well received and got many upvotes, likes, tweets and comments (Thanks everyone!). That post discussed among other things getting rid of energy suckers, low-quiescent current regulators and the use of sleep-mode. This post will discuss how to connect your Arduino (clone) to simple AA/AAA or coin cell batteries, how to use interrupts to wake Arduino from sleep mode and how to make sure that other components like sensors are not eating all the energy from your battery. 

Running an Arduino of AA/AAA or coin cell battery

As some of you commented, apart from running an Arduino of a 9V battery, one can easily run an Arduino of 3V or 4.5V with AA/AAA or coin cell batteries (given that you sensors or other electronics don’t need a higher voltage). This has the…

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