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Reflecting on the difficulty in ascertaining the cause of many high-profile, high-casualty plane crashes, it is unsettling for entirely different reasons to know with near-certainty so soon after the incident that the cause of Germanwings Flight 4U 9525 crashing headfirst in to the Alps was a depressed co-pilot who had lost the will to live and consciously took the necessary steps to enact such a tragedy.

Despite the plane exploding on impact, instantly killing everyone on board, the black box recorder has been retrieved from the crash site, albeit battered and mangled. Analysis of the cockpit voice recordings may reveal further insights in to the events of that flight, although nothing that can change or mitigate its terrible end.

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Flight 9525 cockpit view Flight 9525 cockpit view

Flight 9525 black box recorders Flight 9525 black box recorders

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