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Dornier Wal: a Light coming from the Sea, M Michiel van der Mey. 2016, ISBN 978-88-97530-81-7, 272 pp.

Dornier Wal: a Light coming from the Sea by M Michiel van der Mey

Clause Dornier—flying boat designer par excellence—timely produced the Wal (whale) which enabled Europe and Africa to connect with South America by air in the pioneering days of aviation. The Wal also found its way deep into the South America’s hinterlands using the continent’s ubiquitous river systems. Indeed, the Wal is one of history’s most remarkable as well as wildly effective flying boat designs of the Golden Age of Aviation but it is hardly known in North America.


I’m sure Germany being on the losing end of Word War II may have a bit to do with it but also the intense competition for trans-Atlantic commercial aviation from the USA side likely had a heavyweight and overshadowing…

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