Win A $100 Amazon Gift Card — 29 مايو,2018

Win A $100 Amazon Gift Card

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hexagonal soup — 28 مايو,2018

hexagonal soup

silk and spinach

So if we can completely remove all duplicate conditionals, what will our code be like? Well the only remaining conditionals (if statements, switch statements etc) will be those that test something that’s set or defined outside of the system, ie. something that’s part of the runtime environment. The two or more code branches selected by such a conditional will tend to consist entirely of the creation/execution of different sets of objects. Each of these sets of objects must by definition ‘know’ what event or state occurred, probably because it was passed parameters that embody the environment’s state or prior decisions. And so within those invoked object sets there need be no conditional code at all.

This situation now dovetails neatly with Alistair Cockburn’s hexagonal architecture pattern…

The conditional statements themselves, because they form part of the response of the system to it’s environment, should be in the outer…

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Build an Instagram-Like Android App Using Google Firebase — 23 مايو,2018

Build an Instagram-Like Android App Using Google Firebase

A lot of people use Instagram and you probably think it’s something very hard to build by your own. In the next tutorial I will show you that it actually can be quite easy. We will build an Instagram-like app (not the fully featured Instagram, but a solid starting point) using Google’s Firebase to keep … Continue reading “Build an Instagram-Like Android App Using Google Firebase”

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Top 10 Facebook Scams — 13 مايو,2018

Top 10 Facebook Scams

facebookTVAmerican singer and actress Taylor Swift has lost her scam mojo, as her fake sex tape spreading on Facebook was excluded from the top ten most successful scams, according to Bitdefender. An analysis revealed the celebrity is no longer as popular as last year, when bogus videos of her managed to spread malware on the social network.

Millions of users fall for Facebook scams every year and while Taylor Swift no longer features in the top 10, Rihanna continues to be the most tempting celebrity used as a hook for malware delivery via social media.

A free trip to Disneyland was also excluded from the list, while “guess who viewed your profile” scams keep a steady first place in the panel, comprising almost one third of the total. “Change your Facebook color” schemes now circulate internationally and claim 7.38 per cent of the total number of scams.

“Why do people…

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